The Studio

Information Summary about the Morrison Piano Studio:

NEW! one-time video review teaching! As a private piano teacher, I normally schedule weekly lessons for my students. The pandemic has forced most teachers to teach remotely, and I have plenty of experience doing this successfully for both adults and children. However, many of my adult students stopped when the pandemic began, generally because they weren’t comfortable with the remote teaching technology or feeling that lessons wouldn’t be as satisfying. I’ve researched ideas on how to help these students, and am starting a pilot program that should address some of the concerns about remote teaching.

One-time video review sessions are simple–record your playing on a tablet or phone, and email or text me the video. I will review the recording and will provide enthusiastic and encouraging suggestions to help ensure your best playing and performing. The suggestions can be emailed, phone, Zoom, or text conversations, your choice. The cost of the review and the suggestion conversation is the same cost as a single weekly lesson ($28). Now *you* can control your lesson frequency and teaching expenditure–just have the review whenever you want, but still get up-to-date university quality training at a pace that suits you!

While this is a pilot program, I already have a great deal of experience successfully helping students prepare recordings for competitions and festivals, so I believe you will find this a very flexible and effective way to meet your piano instruction goals. Maybe you are not sure about committing to regular weekly lessons. Maybe you want to try a few lessons before setting up a weekly schedule. Maybe you just want a more relaxed schedule that doesn’t put pressure on you to practice. Maybe having weekly lessons is a faster pace than you can manage with your busy schedule. You set the time when you are ready–all you have to do is send me a text or email (see the contact page) when you have a video of your playing! When my review is complete, you can use Paypal or mail a check with the review fee to get the suggestion commentary in your desired format (email, phone, text, zoom).

Traditional Lessons are also available remotely.  These private weekly lessons are 40 minutes and are paid by monthly fee, $28 times the number of lessons given per month. Due to the current pandemic situation, all lessons must be remote via Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. Tuition is due on the first lesson of the month. Minimum student age is 6 up to any age.  If you are a music enthusiast, but want to start playing piano, or restart after many years, I would be delighted to teach you.  Seniors are definitely welcome.  Students are recommended to perform in two recitals per year, and DVDs of their performances will be available for friends and family.

I am a nationally certified permanent professional teacher of piano (NCTM, 2007-2021) and am a member of  Boise Tuesday Musicale, IMTA, and MTNA.  I have 19 years of teaching experience.  I am currently studying with Dr. Del Parkinson of Boise State University, and have studied with  organist/pianist Sean Rogers and others (references available).

I can help you experience the joy of music while providing you with a solid foundation in reading and expressive playing of music for all levels.  I specialize in classical training and performance but also have experience with Christian, Popular, and improvisational music genres.