“Hymn” #25: Dark Night of the Soul

Sometimes, in fact much of the time, I like to make my own music rather than playing somebody else’s compositions. I rarely did this for church. But here? Can I do this safely here? It’s dangerous to do for piano performers because there’s no guarantees it will succeed and often people won’t like it for any number of reasons. Will I lose respect if I show you who I am deep inside? Does it matter to anyone who I am? If I get sick and die is anything lost? Am I totally alone inside? This composed improvisation tries to express these thoughts musically…

Hymn #24: The Old Rugged Cross

If I am gone, will anybody remember me for anything? Am I just another piece of flotsam in the river of life? I think men especially struggle with needing to make their mark in life, to gain respect in some way as a purpose in life. But trying to accomplish amazing things and win trophies hoping somebody else will notice is a futile purpose in life, and that’s a lesson I *really* need to learn.