Hymn #58: Go Now In Peace

This beautiful song is so needed. When I reach the end of the road, when I’m at the River’s edge, will I go in peace? Will I look back at all I did and was a part of, can I go in peace? If it is my lot, and coronavirus strikes, or some other such thing, will I have this sense of having made the most of this life?

For Christians, that is not a worry–death is viewed as a transition, not an end. But I don’t have that assurance and so I worry that I didn’t do things right, or something still is left undone. Yet somehow I know–I can go in peace. No, I won’t be like my good friends, whom I can easily say to them, “Well done, good and faithful servant”–I have too many flaws. On the other hand, I do know I can be at peace, for I did try to make the world a better place in several ways, and made the most of my time on earth without being too obnoxious to others. Hopefully more years to go! This hymn is so calming: You are free to go in peace, do not worry. Go and relax. Go and rest. Go, now, and be at peace with the universe and all that is in it.