Hymn #57: Jesus, Rose of Sharon

I took a little vacation from Hymn-A-Day for several reasons, probably the most important is that I’m preparing a Mozart sonata and the Haydn concerto–about 30 some pages of music to get performance ready (a remote performance rather than our usual in-person event). And, I’m in the process of presenting my physics research to my CalTech professor, that’s consumed a lot of my time lately. And I’m still teaching and learning singing! I will keep the Hymn-A-Day going but I’m trying to figure out how to balance my time and having no choice but to reduce my posting here. It’s such a gift to be able to do such fascinating and engaging stuff during such difficult times. My 86 year old mother is locked down in her house (LA area) and is bored beyond measure. I’m so thankful that even though Barb and I are sheltering in place, not leaving the house, we both are content and keeping very busy–and most of all, still are healthy.

I have two members of my family in the LA area that are sick with coronavirus and two or three more that are sick but not yet confirmed. This thing is nasty with a lot of damage done even with mild symptoms–please everyone, take this seriously and don’t take chances.

Here is a hymn with beautiful lyrics that neither I nor Barb have ever heard before–Jesus, Rose of Sharon. Picturing the gift of Jesus as greater than the beautiful roses of biblical times, it is a prayer and praise for Jesus as Healer (appropriate for our time), calling us to lay down our trophies and accomplishments and worship His grace and purity. It’s a simple hymn but a lovely song, I hope this lifts your heart.