Hymn #50, 51: Open My Eyes That I May See, Blessed Redeemer

Two great hymns for the 100 day anniversary of the Hymn-A-Day project.

Open My Eyes That I May See is written for people like me who are kind of clueless about how life works. The truth will set you free is a quote I grew up with and have founded my life on–but what is the truth? That is a very hard question–the truths I find depends significantly on where I look and who or what I trust to provide them–so I must try to choose wisely. Who am I? what am I? Who are You? What are you? Where are You? What do I need to do? Do I need to fear, and if so, what do I really need to fear and what do I not need to fear? This gentle hymn is a simple prayer asking for guidance and wisdom in trying to understand the questions of life.

And here is a hymn with the Christian’s answer, and a beautiful piece of music as well. There are many parts of the faith that I question, many things that I struggle with as being true. But–if you look closely at the lyrics of Blessed Redeemer, they speak deep and profound truths that matter–there is nothing I question here.