Hymn #48: My Savior First of All

I like trying new things, especially in music. I tried a classical rendition of this hymn and found it a challenge to try to learn in a few days–usually if I’m late with Hymn-A-Day it’s because I bit off more than I could chew! Barb says this is not a well known hymn but the melody sure sounds familiar to me. The lyrics are wonderful, the chorus goes:

I shall know Him, I shall know Him,
And redeemed by His side I shall stand,
I shall know Him, I shall know Him,
By the print of the nails in His hand.

I’ve spent my whole life studying both Christianity and science with the goal of wanting to know what this existence is, who made it, what is my role, will my life end having done what needs to be done. Will I be judged, redeemed, or considered inconsequential. Do I matter? Should I keep trying so hard in whatever time I have left on this earth, or can I finally relax? Is Jesus my Savior? I want to know if He is my Savior first of all–if that is true, nothing else really matters.