Hymn #47: His Eye Is on the Sparrow

I have to confess I have mixed emotions about this song. Its value to me is how the song speaks of the importance of not worrying, a lesson I constantly struggle with. However, I am pretty sure no one would describe me as perky and happy! This is an extrovert’s song and it doesn’t really fit me very well. But for so many, this is an enormously popular song, uplifting and showing that God cares deeply for all of us. So often, as a musician, I hear comments like “Why does he play that music? I want to hear happy music!”.

Life is very hard, and not knowing if anyone cares, if it truly appears that it doesn’t make any difference what I do to anyone, that would make it that much harder. Music that uplifts in hard times helps so many, and this hymn really resonates for a lot of people. There is a good message here–I don’t have to worry it I let God take care of those things that I cannot. Can I really let go? Can I really trust that God will be there for me, that He cares about my trials and joys?

Well, one thing is pretty certain–the sparrows around here look pretty content without any worry that I can see.