Hymn #46: Holy, Holy, Holy

Since I come from a scientific background, I spend a major portion of my waking hours and have written many posts on my physics/philosophy website (agemoz.wordpress.com, be forewarned, it is fairly technical) on the form of God and our existence. I’ve never had a clear sense of God, but I’ve often thought about various ideas of what form He would take. Is He in this universe in some way or completely outside? Can He use a “hand” and physically act on this universe, or does He influence us to do His actions for us? Can He be defined as an intellect or some other categorization that we would be able to understand? And of course, the most vexing question of all–what created Him? Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for asking questions like these, but I’m pretty sure that everyone who considers taking on the Christian faith–seekers–will be asking questions like these.

This traditional hymn appears to directly address these questions. It describes a vision of God, what He is, who accompanies Him, and the span of time He is in. I’m sure all of you have considered God, our personal existence, and our physical universe at various levels, and such thought helps transcend the here and now that has coronavirus in it. It is the big picture, well worth thinking and reading about.