“Hymn” #44: Schubert Impromptu Op 90 #3 (final section)

Playing classical music, as I mentioned on my previous post, is the peak of craftsmanship, and I will make no pretense of being a master at it. But my love of piano, and music in general, comes from discovering great beauty and joy in the sounds I hear. I definitely do not take my hearing for granted, but get deep pleasure in reproducing the old masters, even if rather imperfectly. Schubert is at the top of my list of favorite composers, and this piece is among my all time favorites–possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. I am working on the whole thing, and hope to make a decent recording of it soon–here is the ending section.

Update: I liked the originial recording, but I always process the recordings to fix uneven volume, noises sitting on the bench, etc. (I never “clean up” my playing, what you hear is what I did, mistakes and all). However, I am no recording engineer, and I kind of made a mess of the post-processing–and really disliked what I came up with. I replaced the recording above, this is a newer version that is more true to the original.