Hymn #41, #42: The Solid Rock, Rock of Ages

When I have a rough few weeks, I crave a strong foundation, an anchor, a hold onto a reality that is solid and strong enough to withstand any trial. You all have had experiences where in a matter of seconds, your whole life is upended–a doctor visit, news of a loss of a loved one, a car accident, losing your job, or–coronavirus and hundreds of thousands dead, and tens of millions of jobs lost.

I need so desperately to know that someone “has my six”–will support me in such times. If I have to go through it alone, I feel like I don’t have the strength and the emotional state gets truly overwhelming. But if I know others also face trials worse than mine yet will choose to stand by me and help, no matter what the outcome, then I can hold on. I used to attend a church where, upon leaving, I would see beautiful stained glass with the words “I will be with thee”. I will be with thee–a Rock to shield me from the great storms of life. May you sense His Presence as a comfort and source of strength.