Hymn #38, #39, #40: As The Deer, Be Exalted, O God, A Shield About Me

When you’ve had serious illness in the past, symptoms cause a fear of re-occurrence. One result is a pretty severe PTSD effect and can generate a state of extreme exhaustion even when the symptoms turn out to be false alarms. I’ve had that happen twice in the last month, so these choruses are a balm for rough times. Somebody ask Tresa to sing Be Exalted, O God some time, you will be in for a treat!

The chorus As The Deer is from Psalm 42:1 but the words create an image that reminds me of that most restorative psalm 23:

Being thankful for this life, be exalted above all else:

I so much have needed a shield about me lately, a lifter of my head…