Hymn #32: Blessed Assurance

If worrying about coronavirus weren’t enough, I’ve been significantly stressed that in the last year or so, my hearing has rapidly deteriorated. I was born with significant hearing loss, and have worked zealously to protect what hearing I do have. However, I also have Meniere’s syndrome, which causes progressive destruction of hearing as well as other unpleasant symptoms and that has accelerated. Performers and music teachers are totally dependent on their ears, and I am no exception. Now I am looking at a future I can’t comprehend. No, it’s not cancer or coronavirus, real fears faced by healthworkers and first responders, so I have to be careful not to land in a pity party–but it’s still very upsetting that I’m heading toward losing what I love to do.

I spoke with someone who is faced with limited time as well, but she was so calm about it, knowing that’s how life works and being content with what she has done. That way of thinking fits so well with this hymn–blessed assurance of a future that is good. Music is my life’s story, my life’s song–being thankful for what I have been given–and oh what a gift music has been for me.