Hymn #22: Take My Life and Let It Be

The coronavirus crisis is very much an existential crisis for me–if my life ends, I worry that it was not the best it could be, causing me to strive very hard at all things I do. Am I a good husband? Am I a good piano teacher? Are my projects and physics research project an effective use of my life? Am I helping others? And on and on and on–but this hymn says to me gently: I don’t need to be trying so hard: give my life to God and let Him direct, and I will no longer need to worry if I did the right things. But where is He? I don’t hear Him.

Maybe I should just relax and try to listen for God–I certainly hear great beauty and significance in this stunningly beautiful hymn.

PS: I’m working hard on the famous Schubert Ave Maria, it’s beautiful and is coming soon I hope!