Hymn #5: Were You There

I will have to pace myself a bit–that last one was a lot of work, as it’s been 10-15 or so years since I put all that music in a box!  And, this was a busy week for teaching and getting my performance pieces going (Khatchaturian Toccata and the last movement of the Haydn Concerto in D). I will do my best to keep going with a Hymn-A-Day, but will have to skip a day here and there.

Good Friday makes me think of one person in particular–Pontius Pilate.  There is no way I would ever approach the character strength of Jesus, but Pontius Pilate had the unique position of being in the right place at the right time to stop a monstrous mob evil stupidity.  From what I have read, it looks like he did recognize the stupidity, and pushed back on it, but gave in at the end.  I wonder if he didn’t know or didn’t recognize how extremely important Jesus was, didn’t really care that much, or was terrified that the mob would turn on him and he did what he had to to survive.  The reading seems to indicate the latter.  I often picture myself in his shoes, would I have done any better?   If I am in a position to do something that really matters at some level of risk to myself, would I (e.g., deliver groceries to someone at risk)?  For me, this is the day to reflect on who and what I am, and can I do better.

I added another recording that I think I like–the hymnal version is more meditative and reflective of Good Friday.  You choose which you like!