Welcome to the Morrison Piano Studio!

NEW! One-time Video Review teaching available! See the Studio page.

Due to the current Corona virus pandemic situation, all lessons are still remote using Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, or Face Time. I am tracking CDC recommendations for when in-person lessons can resume. With plenty of experience and training in remote teaching, I have found this method has proven to be surprising effective, and a great way to build piano playing and performance/memorization skills in this time of social distancing. I work tirelessly and continuously¬† to improve the quality of remote teaching and the strength of the social connection. I’ve researched and written two newsletter articles about effective remote teaching methods (you are welcome to email me for copies) and have assisted other teachers in the area in setting up their studios for remote teaching.

My studio is set up with three cameras, one for your instructor (me), the piano keyboard for demonstrations, and one for examining the music. All you need is a smartphone or tablet!  If you would like to try it, please contact me at morrisonpiano@gmail.com or text or call.

I invite you or your child to participate in a lifelong musical adventure that I assure you will be fun, stimulating, challenging, and rewarding!